speed dating

the grad school admins send out a weekly email with invitations to activities.  most of these activities require signups.  once or twice a year, they will set up a speed dating event for all of the graduate students.  as if our relationships aren’t incestuous enough.  last weekend spoons came down and we went to a party with my friends.  first, she met The Ex (who I will from now on call UFAB: Ultimate Frisbee-loving ambivalent/autistic blonde).  second, the pattern of exes in that room was almost a complete graph.  i could have closed my eyes, pointed at a random guy, pointed at a random girl, and told you when they had had a relationship, hooked up, whatever.  this incestuousness was the main reason I decided to date in nyc, which quickly led to meeting spoons.

coincidentally, spoons pointed out that our party was like The Big Bang Theory squared.  isn’t it great when your brilliant phd girlfriend calls you and your friends ultanerds?  sent my heart all aflutter.  anyhoo, back to the speed dating email.  the university sent a followup invitation with the following addition:

Currently Needed: women interested in meeting men, men interested in meeting men and women interested in meeting women.

good luck with that one guys!  thanks for the giggles.

(Update: What was I thinking?  Complete bipartite graph.  There were only two bisexuals in the room, and they’re currently, er, not creating any odd-length loops.)


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